​Let's face it, if you're reading this page you probably have a wedding coming up

(or know someone who does) and you're searching for the answer to many

questions...Right? ​The wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life!

We fully understand that the music and entertainment you choose can really "make or break" your wedding day. Let our 30 years of experience help create a wonderful memory for you as a bride, along with your friends and family or refer us with confidence!

We believe that communication is the key to a happy bride! We set up meetings to go over your special day in detail. We will send you wedding outlines for you to begin creating your day on paper so we know exactly what your vision is. From the music you want, to us helping with the coordination of the event, be assured that we care about your day almost as much as you do.

Our staff gets there way before you do and leaves after you do to ensure that your day went exactly like you planned. We ask that you relax and allow our years of experience put you at ease and allow us to do what we do best.

Service has been the long standing "catch word" for Jaytee Productions.

We believe that without it your day would be  ordinary instead of Extraordinary. 

Before making that final choice, please give us the opportunity to share with you

why we believe that "Jaytee Productions makes the difference".  

Remember... You don't hire us for the things you'd expect at your wedding...

it's for the things you don't!! 

Congratulations and see you soon!                                                        


​​Jaytee Productions Staff

The Power of Weddings: