30 Years of Experienc:

"Highly Professional"

Goal: Customer Service

* Professionalism * Vision * Execution * 

As of 2017, now with 30 years of DJ/Entertainment industry experience, we have grown into a multi-operator company that has been noted as Denver's most professional DJ/Music business! We actually care about your event! We realize that some music/DJ companies don't even realize what "bad business" is. That's a shame. We have strived very hard over the years to give our clients and guests the best we have to offer and apparently it's quite good! 

We started out  with a small sound system and BIG dreams! We've grown!

John (Jaytee) Tanguma is an accomplished sound technician, musician and Disc-Jockey. From the beginning he knew exactly what he wanted to create in the industry... a Company that will be known for it's integrity, professionalism and ability to please the client. We've achieved! 

No matter what event we are doing, we are putting out 100% of our capability and heart. You won't be dissatisfied by choosing us. 

Thank You in Advance for making us a part of your next event!

​Jaytee Productions